Thirty years of breeding,
backed by objective selection, performance and science,
has resulted in an Australian bred sheep tailored for Australian conditions.

White Suffolks are simply better by design


  • Lambing ease
  • Early maturity
  • Clean points
  • High libido
  • Longevity and good temperament
  • Terminal and maternal lines
  • Quality skins
  • White Downs type wool
  • Market flexibility – trade or export weight carcasses
  • Meat eating quality backed by science

The White Suffolk provides superior all round performance – consistent and measured rams producing high yielding carcasses able to hit the right fat specifications. This means a better bottom line for the prime lamb producer and the best eating quality lamb for the consumer.


  • be at the forefront of marketing and promotion of the White Suffolk breed
  • better educate our members and commerical breeders on providing superior genetics to the Australian lamb industry
  • continue to develop the White Suffolk breed to the advantage of all involved in the Australian lamb industry
  • encourage extensive use of genetic evaluation and continue to benchmark the White Suffolk breed to become the leading performance breed
  • remain at the forefront of recent technological advances within the livestock industry



Maternal Traits Commercial Story - White SuffolksMaternal traits add up to a self-replacing flock

While many prime lamb producers use White Suffolks as a terminal breed, Bob Williamson is capitalizing on the maternal traits of fertility, lambing ease and milking ability.
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Lambing ease and growth in Mt Schanck flock

Lambing ease and growth

Juggling carcass with fertility is paying dividends for the prime lamb enterprise at South Australia’s historic Mt Schanck Station.

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Woolgrower Clive Pearson was determined to prove the old timers wrong when he was told crossbred lambs would never suit the western tablelands country of northern NSW.
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Educational flock fosters future prime lamb industry leadersEducational flock fosters future prime lamb industry leaders

A White Suffolk sheep flock at one NSW high school is playing a key role in shaping potential leaders for the nation’s sheep and wool industry.
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